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Today I will tell you complete information about MNREGA Job Card Scheme.
I will also teach you how to downloa d MGNREGA job card list and also I will tell you to see MGNREGA job card payment status .

National rural employment guarantee Act , Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Campaign, MGNREGA / MGNREGA :- is an employment guarantee scheme implemented in India whichwas enacted by the Legislative Assembly on 7 September 2005 .

NREGA Job Card List 2022

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, MNREGA Employment Guarantee Scheme.

  • Under MNREGA scheme , 100 days of employment is provided every year to an adult of a rural family .
  • Who is willing to employ skilled labor for performing public works at a statutory minimum wage of ₹220 per day.
  • Under the MGNREGA scheme / MGNREGA scheme , employment opportunities are given to the workers of the unorganized sector.
    Under this scheme, the people of the working class are registered under the MNREGA scheme and they are given employment for at least 100 days in a year.
  • The biggest benefit under this scheme is to the working class people who are mainly living in rural India.
    For people who do semi-skilled or unskilled work , whether they are below or above the poverty line , about a third of the MGNREGA fixed work force is made up of women. A call center has also been set up by the government under the
    MNREGA scheme . You have information about Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Campaign (MGNREGA Hindi) .

You can also get MGNREGA toll free number by calling 1800-345-22-44 .

  • Although the MGNREGA job card scheme was launched, it was named National Rural Employment Guarantee Campaign (NREGA) but it was changed to “Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Campaign (MGNREGA)” on 2 October 2009 .

Now let’s talk about this plan, how you can take advantage of it!

Do You Also Want To Take Advantage Of MNREGA Scheme?

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🔥 SCHEME NAME National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)
🔥 LAUNCHED BYManmohan Singh
🔥 MinistryMinistry of Rural Development
🔥 SECTORRural Employment


The process of joining under MNREGA scheme!

  • The process of MNREGA Job Card Registration / Mnrega Job Card Apply is also quite simple, under this you can get the registration done through Gram Panchayat.
  • To join the MGNREGA scheme  , the adult members of the rural household submit their name, age and address with a photograph to the Gram Panchayat.
  • After verification, the panchayat registers the applicant households and issues a job card. This job card is called MNREGA job card. (MGNREGA Job card)

Information present in the job card. MGNREGA Job card Details

  • The information of the applicant’s family is present in the MNREGA job card . Such as: Details of adult member of the family, his photo, date of birth, bank account information, job card number, etc.
  • Under the MGNREGA HindI Scheme , the amount of the fixed payment fixed by the government on the work is transferred directly to the bank account of the person who does the work.
  • The most important thing about MNREGA scheme (mgnregs) is that there is no discrimination between men and women under it.
  • Under MGNREGA scheme , adult men and women of a family can work and get employment.

NREGA Job Card Apply 2022

To apply NREGA Job card , you have to contact your Gram Panchayat.
After giving a picture of yourself and complete information of the family in the Gram Panchayat, there will be a process of verification, after verification, your NREGA Job card will be applied.

Nrega Job Card List 2022

If you are a registered family under MNREGA job card scheme and you want to view or download your job card, then we are going to tell you the process.

Let us know about nrega job card list 2022 check and download nrega job card .

NREGA job card list 2022 check / How to check NREGA job card list?

  • First of all go to the official website of . Click here to visit website .
  • After visiting the website , click on the button of Panchayat GP/PS/ZP after Citizen in the menu below . As shown below.👇👇
  • Now a new page will open in front of you in which you will get to see many options which will be something like this.
  • Here you will get to see other options Get Report-job card, job slip, MSR register, pending works, UC, click on it.
MNREGA Generate Reports - Job Card, Job Slip , MSR Register , Pending Works, UC
  • Now here all the state information will come in front of you, select your state.
  • After selecting the state, some such menu will open which is shown below .
MNREGA job card list OPTION
  • Here in the first option you have to select the year for which you want to see the MNREGA job card list .
  • Now you have to select your district here, then select the block and then the panchayat.
  • Now you have to click on the Proseed button.
  • As soon as you Proseed , a new page will open in front of you which will be something like this.
MNREGA job card ,employment registered
  • Under the first option R 1 job card / registration , the option of fifth option job card / employment registered has to be selected.
  • As soon as you select the job card / employment register option. Information about all the workers present in your panchayat who are registered under MNREGA will come.
  • Check your name in the list and click on where MNREGA Job card number is written.
  • Your nrega job card list will open as soon as you click on Nrega Job card number . Whatever will happen like this

Download And Print Mnrega Job Card 2022

S.NoJob card No.Name
1BH-18-002-003-02036100/1Rajendra Paswan
2BH-18-002-003-02036100/10Jivach Ram
3BH-18-002-003-02036100/100Ramchandra Ram
4BH-18-002-003-02036100/1000Rampunit Ram
5BH-18-002-003-02036100/1001Indira Devi
6BH-18-002-003-02036100/1002Mohd Khurdush
7BH-18-002-003-02036100/1003Sahiba Parvin
8BH-18-002-003-02036100/1004ramswarath rai
9BH-18-002-003-02036100/1005Nurjaha Khatun
10BH-18-002-003-02036100/1006Anwari Khatun
11BH-18-002-003-02036100/1007indra devi
12BH-18-002-003-02036100/1009Rinku Devi
13BH-18-002-003-02036100/101Jagat Narayan Paswan
14BH-18-002-003-02036100/1010Bhola Sah
15BH-18-002-003-02036100/1011Mohd Soev
16BH-18-002-003-02036100/1012Ramchandra Sah
17BH-18-002-003-02036100/1013Mohd. Sikandar
18BH-18-002-003-02036100/1014Chandeshwar Rai
19BH-18-002-003-02036100/1015Sukhdev Sah
20BH-18-002-003-02036100/1016Rajendra Mahato
21BH-18-002-003-02036100/1017Mohd Mokhtar
22BH-18-002-003-02036100/1018Mohd Imam
23BH-18-002-003-02036100/1019Satin Rai
24BH-18-002-003-02036100/102Arjun Paswan
25BH-18-002-003-02036100/1020Mohd Istkhar

State Wise NREGA job card list 2022


Request Period of Employment /NREGA Payment Status and Work Attendance

  • You get work related and payment related information under MNREGA job card .
  • Below is a list that shows how long you worked and your attendance per day.
request period of employment ,NREGA Payment Status and Work Attendance

It means to say that how many days the work lasted and how many days you were present in it and according to this, how much was your total honorarium.

MNREGA Job Card Attendance And Payment Check

  • In order to get information about MANREGA job card attendance and payment status , ensure that you want to check the information of the work under whichever working period.
  • And click on the option of MNREGA job card Work name . As shown below.👇👇
request period of employment ,NREGA Payment Status and Work Attendance
  • Now the information about the work and the expenses incurred on it has come in front of you, as can be seen below.
  • By clicking on the option of distinct number of muster rolls used amount , you can get your attendance information as well as payment information.

For Information On MNREGA Job Card Download / MNREGA Job Card List Check / MNREGA Job Card Payment Status Check, Watch The Video Below.


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act


Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act

Salient features of Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act.

Some of the salient features of the NREGA Act are as follows.

  1. Adult members of any rural household who are willing to do unskilled manual labor can apply for employment.
  2.  To register under the NREGA job card scheme, such families will have to register in writing or orally with the local Gram Panchayat.
  3.  After the process of proper investigation under MNREGA Job Card Scheme , the Gram Panchayat will issue a Nrega job card to the applicant family .
  4.  Under the MNREGA Job Card Scheme , only one NREGA job card is made for the entire family . MNREGA job card will have photographs of all adult members who want to work under NREGA .
  5.  It does not cost any money to give NREGA job card , this job card is given completely free of cost.
  6.  The family which has got the job card under the MNREGA scheme can give a written application to the Gram Panchayat demanding employment.
    In the given application, it has to be mentioned that when and during which period the applicant wants employment, minimum 15 days of employment will definitely be given.
  7. When the Gram Panchayat receives the application for employment, the applicant will be issued an acknowledgment receipt containing the date, it will be necessary to provide employment to the applicant within 15 days of  the date given on this slip .
  8. The person seeking employment will be given employment under MNREGA scheme within 15 days from the date of  submission of application .
  9.  If the applicant is not given employment within 15 days from the date of application. Then he will be given cash daily unemployment allowance.
  10. The responsibility of payment of  unemployment allowance will have to be shared by the state governments.
  11.   Wages under MNREGA scheme will be paid on weekly basis. Under any work, wage payment is mandatory within a maximum of 15 days.
  12. Panchayati Raj Institutions have a central role in planning and implementation under the  MNREGA scheme .

What Is MNREGA Job Card?

MNREGA job card is the 1 card given under Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) , due to which the beneficiaries of MNREGA are identified. With the help of MNREGA job card , beneficiaries are identified and given employment under MNREGA scheme . To take advantage of MNREGA scheme or to get work under MNREGA scheme , it is very important to have MNREGA job card

When Was The Name Of NREGA Changed To MNREGA?

NREGA was first renamed as MGNREGA in 130 districts on 1 April 2007, followed by 285 districts on 1 April 2008. By the way , the name of National Rural Employment Guarantee (Amendment) Act was changed from NREGA to MANREGA, Mahatma Gandhi National Ruler Employment Guarantee Act in 2009 at the central level .

What Is The Meaning Of MGNREGA?

The name of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 and NREGA number 42 was changed to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee MANREGA . Under this, the person has been given the right to work. You can read more information at the top of this post.

Benefits Of MGNREGA?

Under the MNREGA scheme , the maximum benefit is given to the people living in the village and the poor laborers, under which they get Rs. Certain employment opportunities are provided and employment is provided for at least 100 days in 1 year under MNREGA. Under the MNREGA scheme , these artisans are paid at least ₹220 per day.

Is MNREGA Only For BPL Families?

If we talk about the households are included under the MNREGA scheme, that is , such poor families who are laborers and need employment can take advantage of the scheme.
Under the MNREGA scheme, the Below Poverty Line ie BPL family along with the After Poverty Line ie APL family has also been included. Whereas RSBY target cable is given to BPL families only.

What Is The Difference Between NREGA And MNREGA Scheme?

By the way, the name of the NREGA scheme was changed to MNREGA in 2009. According to this, the only difference between the two schemes is the name, the work is the same for both, that is to say, both are the same.

 Who Can Apply For MNREGA Scheme?

Persons of the family who are adults, that is, more than 18 years, if both men and women can do the labor force, then they can apply under the MNREGA scheme.
Application for MNREGA scheme can be made through Gram Panchayat after applying in writing and orally.

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